Friday, 28 May 2010

Bring on the next two tasks!

One down and 39 to go. Well I have now arranged the next two tasks and am truly excited!!!!!

The first task is "No.7 Watch a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre in London".

I have booked up to go and watch Shakespeare's "A Mid Summer Night's Dream" at the Globe Theatre in London. To make it even more memorable, I have got tickets to watch it at midnight on a mid summer's night (2nd July 2010). What could be more perfect?

The current Globe Theatre is a reconstruction of the original Globe Theatre that was build in the same location in 1578 by a gentleman called James Burbage. William Shakespeare joined the resident troupe in 1580's, putting on many of his plays that are still widely enjoyed today.

After the event I'll write a post to explain a little more about the theatre and, for those of you who haven't seen or read the play, I will also explain a bit about the storyline and the main characters too.

The second task is "No.12 Watch Cirque Du Soleil live"

I have booked 2 tickets to go and see Cirque du Soleil! I am going in just a few weeks time and am soooo excited! The you-tube clip below is from the actual show that I am going to see.

Cirque du Soleil began when a group of street performers in Quebec (Canada) decided to create a new venue for their passion. Under the guidance of Guy Laliberté, Cirque du Soleil has used its passion for creativity and innovation to redefine the entertainment landscape, and thrill audiences all around the world.

I hope you continue to join me on my journey, as I will be undertaking more of my challenges over the forthcoming weeks and months.

Warmest wishes to you all,


  1. Both should be a lot of fun! So you are sticking to your list - good for you! And for us too, following your adventures ;-)

  2. Woah... a Shakespeare play in an awesome theatre and you also get to see Cirque du Soleil live as well. Sounds great. Have fun!

  3. Oh wow!! You really are going for it, how old are you now as I am pretty sure at this rate you will have completed the 40 in the next 40 days!!

    Keep posting your updates, they are very inspirational to us 'I really want to but am never going to get around to it' people ;-) xx

  4. Wow - two amazing tasks there to look forward to - I'll carry on learning Chess...(goes and sulks in a corner!)

  5. I watched the tent city build up to a grand size in the city of Vancouver, BC when I lived there. It looks like a great show and I hope you can take photos and have the time of your life!

  6. Zhu, lol! I don't think there is much chance of me wandering from my list now. Once committed, there is no turning back hehehe! So glad you are coming along too :D

    Atroxion, it all seems a bit surreal at the moment. I can't really believe that I am actually doing it all.

    Rae!!! Well, it is all going good so far. However, these are the easy ones. Am getting a bit nervous about some of the more challenging! xx

    Janette, See that is where you went wrong, you should have opted to learn how to play! It is so much easier :) Anywayz, you have to join me on the steamtrain!!!

    Jen, I would love to see Cirque De Soleil perform in their home country of Canada one day.


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