Friday, 25 June 2010

No.12 - Watch 'Cirque Du Soleil' live

Who ever said dreams don't come true needs to think again. On Wednesday 23rd June 2010, one of my dreams came true...

I sat in an arena, three rows away from the front of the stage, and watched the show to end all shows. Cirque Du Soleil ~ Saltimbanco has just been written into my life as the most amazing spectacular that I have EVER seen. Now, we have all been to plays, musicals and shows that we rate as the best ever, but this truly was something that so totally outweighed my expectations (which were extremely high even before I went).

The day started with a morning at work. A very early start as I was taking the afternoon off... Yippee!! I am sure you have all experienced the feeling of agonising torture, waiting for the clock to reach noon so that you can pack up and escape. Eventually the buzzer went for 12:20pm, I ran out of the office, got changed and jumped into my car. I had a few chores to do in the early afternoon, before heading to Cirencester to pick up my friend. We headed to Birmingham and before long had parked up and found a Cafe Rouge to enjoy a nice meal before the show. The anticipation now tingling right through to my toes.

We eventually made our way to the National Indoor Arena and through to our seats. It was at that point that I realised how fantastic our seat locations were. Just a few feet away from the stage... and we had soooo much leg room! Unusual for for such a popular show. Nowadays, theatres and arenas always try to pack you in like sardines.

About 5 minutes before the show was due to start, the lights were still up and people were making their way through the doors and to their seats. Suddenly there was a burst of laughter and screaming, and out of nowhere a group of brightly costumed characters came running through the audience. Throwing popcorn, pulling people out of their seats, making everybody laugh. At this point I realised why there was so much room in our row. Several of the characters came stumbling through, falling over each other, looking at us all with such curiosity. What a great way to start the show!!!

After about ten minutes, the lights went out and the music started. The stage lights switched on. It was at this point, the true creativity and colour of the setting could be truly realised. The music and singing began and characters began to appear from all corners of the arena.

I would love to have had taken lots of photographs of the show but, as you can imagine, there was a strict "no cameras" policy. So I have included a few stock photographs and you-tube clips to provide you with a flavour of the evening's performance.....

The show was a mixture of comedy, dance routines, gymnastics and acrobats. Each and every one very different in their own way, yet all equally as enthralling and breathtaking....

...and one of my favourite moments of the evening, the Russian Swing...

You know when you have experienced something truly amazing, when the show finishes and you feel completely exhausted. My eyes were stinging as I barely blinked throughout the whole show, in fear of missing anything that was going on. My stomach aching from the laughter, my heart still beating with the excitement and enjoyment of the show.

We walked out of the arena and over to the car park. Both of us recounting the magical moments from the show. The journey home seemed to flash by... why, oh why, oh why did the show have to end? When was the next show coming? Where could i go in the world to see one of the other shows by the Cirque du Soleil? My goodness, if each of my 40 things to do is going to leave me wanting more, as this one did, I am going to end up with another list of 500 things to do before I am!

Well, that ends another one of my 40 things. Another one successfully completed. Another moment to look back on and smile. And next week, I am going to the Globe Theatre in London to watch "A Mid Summer Night's Dream". Well, all I can say is "life can't be that bad after all".

I have been busy over the past few weeks, and have complete some elements of some of the list, including the No.32 - Take a ride on an open top bus tour through London, for along with visiting several counties in the challenge of No.1 - Visit all 48 ceremonial counties of England. I will be sure to write about them very soon, along with some of my own photographs!! :o)


  1. Wow, this looks breathtaking. Tasks like this usually spur you on to complete others just as quickly. Good luck with your next set of tasks and I hope you enjoy them just as much!

  2. Cool! The Cirque du Soleil is said to be an unforgettable experience and it looks like it was just that for you.

    You are sticking to your list - that's great!

  3. Hey! Sorry been MIA. Clowns kinda give me the creeps haha. But I do enjoy dance and theatre. That is cool that you had that experience. I was in London and am planning on going back to Cornwall soon. Good luck!

  4. Wow! Looks like you had a great time! I love your project!

  5. Hi, new follower here! I love the layout!

    If you have a few seconds, please stop by The Bucket Project and comment on any post letting us know one thing you want to do before you "kick the bucket". We would greatly appreciate any input you can give for our project.

    Thank you,
    Jessi @

  6. I live about 2 hours from Orlando where they put on Cirque du Soleil shows all the time and I've yet to check out one of their performances. Apparently I'm missing out! I think maybe I'll surprise my mom with a trip to see the show!

  7. I love Cirque Du Soleil! I watched my first one 6 years ago, and now I am on #9 and will attend #10 in June. I absolutely love the performances and became a Cirque Freak.
    Good Luck,

  8. wow, this looks almost magical !

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  10. What awesome pics and post!

    I noticed that you are a follower of the Queen's Meme. Please join us this week and play the Oh, Baby Meme! We'd love to see you.

    Peace, Mimi


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