Sunday, 4 March 2012

No.7 Watch a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre, London

When I was at school, my favourite Shakespeare play was "A Mid Summer Night's Dream". I remember it well, as I was cast in the role of Bottom ("a bit of typecasting?" you may think!. So what better play to see at the Globe Theatre than this one. And to do it in style, there is no better time to watch the play than at midnight on a mid summer's night.... so that is what I did.

A collague of mine and I booked some tickets on the internet, along with a couple of hotel rooms and made our way into London. After the usual touristy sight seeing, and a rather deilicious meal on the outskirts of China Town, we eventually made our way to the south bank of the Thames and wandered down to the Globe Theatre (with a bottle of wine, some glasses and some chocolates smuggled in our wares).

It was the most perfect mid summer's evening. The air was very warm, but there was a slight cool breeze lofting up off the river. The sky was clear but for the occasional light cloud floating by.

We made our way into the theatre grounds and picked up a cushion each (this is an absolute must, as the benches are nice but after a couple of hours of sitting on them, you certainly end up with a numb bottom if you don't have a cushion). Soon, we were climbing the wooden stairs and made our way to our seats.

I had set myself high expectations for watching a play at the Globe Theatre, but nothing had prepared me for the spectacular sense of magic that was suddenly before me. It almost felt like I had stepped back several hundred years and was actually in Shakespeare's time (apart from the iphone sitting in my pocket and elecric spotlights shining on the stage).

The play started.... it was amazing!

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